Offering Private Mediations and Arbitrations

Deep Experience. Easy to deal with. Committed and Hardworking.


Shari Novick

Shari has been involved in private practice as a mediator and arbitrator since 2001. She was appointed to various tribunals and served as an Adjudicator for  eight years prior to that.  She is known for her ability to establish a close rapport with counsel and parties of all backgrounds, quickly putting people at ease. She is a creative problem solver who uses her extensive experience to help parties resolve complicated disputes efficiently.

Shari is one of the pre-eminent arbitrators in Ontario in the area of Priority Disputes and Loss Transfer cases between insurers. She has authored over 130 decisions, many of which are cited by judges and other arbitrators on the interpretation of various statutory and regulatory provisions, and complex procedural questions. She has been the managing partner of Alternative Resolution Group for the last several years, which  has been selected by Canadian Lawyer magazine as one of the Top Ten Arbitration Chambers in Canada since 2015.

Shari has conducted numerous multi-party mediations over the course of her career involving complex issues of negligence, tort law, sexual harassment, as well as disputes under the SABS. She also mediates disputes over disability claims, wrongful dismissals, and other employment-related matters. She has been invited to speak at numerous conferences and programs on both insurance and employment-related issues.

She is equally comfortable mediating and arbitrating in person or virtually, on various platforms.

When Shari is not embroiled in resolving disputes or writing decisions, she spends as much time as she can skiing down steep mountains, cycling up hills, hiking and scuba diving.  


Guy Jones, LLB (1949-2021)

Guy was a pioneer in the field of personal injury mediations, having conducted several thousand cases over more than twenty years. He mediated tort and accident benefits cases, as well as those involving LTD and coverage disputes. He was also a renowned Arbitrator, working primarily in the area of Priority Disputes and Loss Transfer matters under the Insurance Act.

  Thanks so much for your patience, guidance and your heroic efforts earlier this week, Shari!  
  I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts yesterday. I knew you were the right mediator for these difficult matters – thanks for all your hard work, it is much appreciated. You truly went above and beyond.